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Golden Edition (25mm, 21700/18650, Gold, Polished) 1-5

Golden Edition (25mm, 21700/18650, Gold, Polished) 1-5

•Golden Edition (25mm, 21700/18650, Gold, Polished) 1-5

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Titanium treated Stainless Steel GG4S SE with an outside diameter of 25mm. It accepts 21700 batteries as well as 18650 batteries with the included CNC delrin + brass battery adapter. 

The special Titanium metal treatment to the stainless steel mod results in a surface hardness is over 100x harder than DLC and harder than steel itself. 

Every viewing angle presents another color hue variation or finish due to the iridescence of the special treatment. This treatment is done on all SE models, and is presented in color hues of either Rose Gold, Gold, or Black.

When viewing from certain angles, the finish may appear like oil slick and matte, and other viewing angles may appear sheen or glossy. 

Very Deeply engraved artwork can be found draping the mod.

Lock: Mythical Perseus presenting in his grasp Medusa's severed head.

Button: Deeply Engraved Medusa 

•Golden Edition (25mm, 21700/18650, Gold, Polished) 1-5

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